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Select Expand BBCode not work in MB(Multibyte) Character set
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#1: Select Expand BBCode not work in MB(Multibyte) Character set Author: Lorelei PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 4:27 am
Dear markus..

Thanks to your great MOD !

That's all very useful..

But I have one problem

I try to find solution in many phpbb community

But can't find answer...

Finally, I post my problem in your forum. markus

I'm sorry that my first post topic is problem..

I installed phpbb plus 1.53a

Select Expand BBCode 1.02 MOD include in

That's useful and i need it

(Collapsible Quote/PHP/Code tag)

After finish make a forum.. I have a problem in

Select Expand BBCode MOD.

That not working !

I found reason,

I have a two account, one is UTF-8 the other EUC-KR(character per 2byte)

I try in UTF-8 encording, Select Expand BBCode MOD work well

(Great !)

But EUC-KR encording, stop working (script error reported in broswer)

When I change encording (EUC-KR -> iso-8859-1)

All problem cleared...

I need a EUC-KR encording...

Do you know this problem ???

Can you fix it ??

I need your help, markus !

(Sorry to my short english, markus) -> Select Expand BBCodes

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